Stay Productive in Unproductive and Unfavorable Times

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Stay Productive in Unproductive and Unfavorable Times

07/10/2020 19:56:24 In Our Blog

An Advanced SCM Solution: Need of the current business scenario

Proper supply chain management is necessary for most of the organizations, it helps in enhancing productivity as well as overall performance. As we all know, we all are going through hard times and waiting for the bright days to come. But rather than waiting, smart business directors, CEOs, and managers are gathering knowledge and searching a way out of it and kicking bad practices to the curb. They are getting information and find a great solution to manage their supply chain. It is not the latest news that there are numerous SCM systems in the market, we all know it. But, which are the best in these tough times, which can truly match your business requirements, etc? These are the major concerns of businesses right now.

Furthermore, selecting the right Supply Chain Management software is also quite a task, you need to do some deep research. The best SCM systems are those who can help you with providing the right product, at the appropriate time, to the correct location, and at a reasonable cost to your customers. Now, equally important, IT is one of the most crucial enablers of the improved management of the supply chain. In this modern and global business world, only a robust SCM software can help. An excellent SCM software helps you to fulfill customer demands on time. Also, it drives customer value, enhances responsiveness, assists you to gain financial success as well as develop a good network.

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O2b Technologies is currently offering the most reliable SCM solution with the latest features of machine learning, deep learning, as well as artificial intelligence (AI). As you know all these features help in bridging the gap between reality and fiction in the supply chain. With the implementation of the latest and advanced technologies work smarter and increase supply chain efficiencies. It makes you economically more strong. In addition, our integrated system enables organizations to make procurement processes effective, manage manufacturing processes, schedule & plan production, handle inventory, track shipment, manage and control logistics & transport, and deliver products timely to the customers.

Various SCM tools or modules are helping businesses in administering supply chain transactions, maintaining supplier relationships, and managing & controlling business processes or functions associated with it. Furthermore, an information system plays a very important role in SCM. Accurate information availability truly helps organizations to build a cost-efficient supply chain, which means a lean supply chain. As a result, organizations are able to enhance overall supply chain performance. To put it another way, without relevant information, a manager will not know what customers want, or how many items are there in the warehouse, or how much products should be manufactured, or when they should ship or deliver products to the customers.

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All things considered, our SCM solution consists of numerous tools, including supplier management, inventory management, demand forecasting, shipping status, warehouse management, order processing, and more.

An SCM software covers mainly 5 elements:

1. Sourcing and procuring raw materials or services
2. Inventory management
3. Improved manufacturing process, focused on productivity and efficiency
4. Distribution, shipment, and logistics.
5. Return management for faulty or unwanted products.

This System fulfills all the major purposes or goals of supply chain management, which are achieving efficient fulfillment, driving customer value, enhancing responsiveness of companies, building network resiliency, and achieving financial success. Moreover, it helps firms or organizations to maximize resource productivity and build standardized processes. Furthermore, save time by eliminating duplicate tasks and efforts as well as maintain inventory levels. Keep your supply chain well-managed and organized to reduce waste, drive customer value, and achieve efficiencies in the supply chain. All things considered, a primary goal of supply chain management is to consistently meet customer requirements.