Advanced Event Management Solutions

The business world is expanding quickly as a result of embracing new technology developments. In response to this, market competition grew in order to protect each company's place in the marketplace. Companies frequently host a variety of events, such as conferences, annual day activities, live programs, charity events, and business meetings, to sell their plans and gain audience engagement. These are mostly carried out to promote the goods and services offered by a business. As a result, customers and other business parties will pay them a lot of attention.

Project management uses the event management module to organize and carry out events like conventions, conferences, organized parties, and concerts. Every industry either organizes different kinds of events to advertise their brands, promote their products, or undermine their business plans. The complete event management system includes complex components, such as scheduling events, setting up meetings, issuing tickets and passes, etc., all of which are highly repeated. If not handled correctly and effectively, it turns out to be chaotic. Hence, Odoo provides a user-friendly Odoo event management system that effectively and correctly plans, organizes, and runs events.

Management of different stages during the event is necessary for proper event execution. It takes a lot of work to put all of these processes together, including managing speakers and other attendees, arranging an event, and promoting the event so that it can be executed successfully. Here, you require the support of an ideal event management system to easily carry out events within your business. The all-in-one platform for all event workflow is the Odoo event management software. The Odoo event module can be entirely relied upon to manage and plan all of your company's events.

Odoo event tracking software enables you to successfully organize and run events in one place. The Odoo event management solutions have the ability to successfully execute any kind of event. It streamlines every step involved in organizing an event correctly. Odoo event management software will guide you through all procedures, whether they are for little or big events. The Odoo event module coordinates tasks including buying tickets, publishing events, adding new events, and automating ticketing procedures.

Features of Odoo Event Management System


Drag and drop editor

Utilize the fully prepared building elements to build your event pages. In just a few clicks, create landing pages, schedules, speaker profiles, calls-to-action, photos, links, and much more.

System of building blocks

Edit your events by including text and visuals within the building block's editable content.


Choose one of Odoo's great themes to customize the design to your preference without having to start from scratch.

Select Menu

Make a menu with a number of pages for complex events.



Event Management

Budgeting for the event and managing the collateral. Organizers, locations, and the event schedule can all be managed.

Back-end and front-end Integration

Quickly convert speaker profiles and conference details and other engagement into visually appealing speaker biographies.

Attendees Management

Manage resources and classes, organize participants, and establish minimum and maximum enrollments. Per guest or per subscription, add unique questions at subscriptions. Analyze attendee profiles and customize admission badges.

Mobile Registration

Use your smartphone to view the guest list, or just use the camera to scan badges and update the guest list.

Sell and Promote

Online or offline sales

Depending on your configuration, allow attendees to pay online with a credit card or with the invoice. The multi-ticketing feature allows you to sell registrations for your events. Multiple individuals can be registered at once.

Monitoring Sales to Increase Revenue

Set up automatic billing, cancellation procedures, representative pricing, and early-bird sale conditions for your event.


Share your speakers' and agenda details with guests and potential customers by dragging and dropping building blocks into place.

Email Marketing

Plan automatic emails like "Save the Date," "Enrollment Confirmation," "Reminders," "Know Before You Go," and "Thank You for Attending," among others.

Sell and Promote


Social Media Integration

For each of your events, create a Twitter hashtag. Promote your events on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and more to increase the awareness and footfall of your event.

SEO Integration

Improve your SEO by receiving keyword ideas based on the most popular search keywords on Google. Use the most trending keyword to increase your events’ visibility.

Google Analytics

By google analytics, track every event, including visitors, purchases, call-to-actions, and more. Monitor every action happing to your website and other promotional campaigns.

SMS Integration

SMS text messages are an additional channel for reaching out to your audience. You can use multiple templates and decide when you want your message to be launched.

Advantages of Odoo Event Management Software

Simple Production of New Events

Simple Production of New Events

Using Odoo event module, you can build any type of event. New events can be easily and quickly produced using the Odoo event management solutions. To create a new event in this module, you don't need a lot of technical knowledge. Events can be quickly created and categorized into many stages. You can make creations based on the kind and nature of events. On the events module's main dashboard, you can keep track of a list of all events that were created using this Odoo event module.

Minimize Manual Work

Organizing an event is a challenging task. To successfully run a program, significant effort is needed. Various factors need to be correctly coordinated for an event to be effective. All of these processes must be completed under the direction of an efficient management system. Odoo event management software automates the majority of its processes to save time for an organization's event management team. It separates all information relevant to recently announced, continuing, and concluded events. Additionally, it keeps track of details on participants and registered attendees for each program. This can also be used to the generation of sales leads.

Minimize Manual Work
Well-Organized Events

Well-Organized Events

You can arrange all of the events that have been recorded in the module using the Odoo events module. In accordance with the actions made in response to each event, various stages are available for categorizing the events under various categories. Using the settings option in the menu, you are also authorized to add new event stages to the module. The group-by and filter options allow you to arrange events in a way that best suits your needs. In the Events module, it is possible to find a specific event using the default and custom settings. These choices allow you to rapidly search for an event using the date, tags, location, organizers, and a variety of other filters and groups.

Simple Online Booking System

The Odoo event management solutions make it simpler than ever to make a reservation for an event. The Odoo website publishes each and every event that is created in the Odoo events module. Therefore, this will enable a customer to view all events that have been published on the website. Odoo lets you pick any of the events that have been listed based on your preferences and makes it simple to make reservations for the events you choose. It will be helpful for you to obtain an idea of the date, location, available seats, and instructions for the event by viewing the event's website, which will display a thorough description of that specific event. You can book tickets based on your preferences.

Simple Online Booking System
Odoo Event Management Software

Selling tickets online and automatically registering

The process of executing an event, including the sale of tickets, is significant. Odoo gives you the option to select the ticket type and price when creating new events. You can specify a price for each type of ticket and a limit on the number of seats that are available for the event. Additionally, free events without a registration cost can be published. In order to encourage individuals to purchase their tickets in advance and book VIP seats, there is the ability to add special conditions to each ticket. Odoo automates all tasks related to ticket sales and quickly records guests' registration for a specific event, thus selling tickets doesn't need any work on your part.

Event Reports

Making reports and analyses after an event is completed is essential for making decisions and improving upcoming projects. The reporting tools of the Odoo Odoo event management software make it easier for a business to analyze the data. Reports on events and attendees can be generated independently. This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of all events, ticket sales, the total number of attendees, and booking records.

Odoo Event Management Software
Odoo Event Management Software

O2b Technologies for Odoo Event Management Software

O2b Technologies is the certified Odoo partner. Hence, capable of offering the best Odoo event management solutions. This event tracking software seamlessly supports in planning, organising and executing any type and size of event.

From finalising the venue to recording the attendees' details Odoo event management software supports event management very effectively.

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Is Odoo event module integrated with other Odoo modules?

Yes. With Odoo website for simplify the ticketing processes and increase the event's audience, Email Marketing to develop new client relationships by running email campaigns and, can be with Odoo CRM for lead generation section configuration in the configuration menu.

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