Bulk Emailing Software

Send to Millions in Single Attempt

Odoo email marketing software ensures you reliable inbox delivery, whether you're sending to a single person or millions. Using a drag-and-drop editor, build custom responsive email campaigns.

Tracking Sales

Email marketing is a popular marketing medium that offers clients superior sales tracking solutions. It helps you find out what's working in your favor and what's not by providing exact and thorough tracking information.

Bulk Emailing Software
Bulk Emailing Software

Insights that Can Help You Make Better Decisions

Get a bird's eye perspective of your campaign's success. O2b’s reports assist you in better-analyzing data, identifying patterns, and recommending the best course of action. Hence, helps in making better decisions.

Correct Target Market

Businesses are able to locate certain significant and potential clients for their products by using Odoo email marketing software to target the relevant individuals. To save time and money, you can target a certain location, city, or nation for your products or services.

Bulk Emailing Software
Bulk Emailing Software

Time and Cost Reduction

The Odoo mass mailing tool takes care of everything for you. To get started with email marketing, you don't need to recruit a whole staff of technical people. That ultimately saves time, cost and other valuable resources for your business.

O2b technologies has wide range of Products to cater business software need in every sphere of an organizations.

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