Adaptive Dashboard

Kanban View

You can track your work by using kanban views to keep changes moving ahead. This shows records graphically. To display a list view of records with a graphical representation, set up a kanban view.

List View

Odoo uses this amazingly.

Form View

This is often made to show just one record from one Set (database table). Additionally, it has the ability to show a considerable amount of related data from other Groups.

Acquire Leads

In Odoo CRM, the user can quickly create and import leads. Not to mention, it provides tagging options with the ability to add new tags.

Use the current ones as well if you want leads based on where they came from, whether they were obtained through email campaigns, websites, social media, or another source.

Additionally, it gives the option to change the lead's stage whenever necessary. Additionally, by designating your leads as lost, you can effortlessly delete them. Or, if necessary, you can transfer them to a potentially lost stage.


Pipeline Management

The primary goals of the sales pipeline process are lead nurturing and lead closure.

Additionally, because there are various stages in between, manually nurturing leads, forecasting conversion rates, and keeping track of conversations take time. On the other side, Odoo CRM offers a user-friendly interface that is highly customisable.

Additionally, it assists marketing departments in lead generation through lead gathering. Based on your leads' present situation, you can establish or edit the stage of your leads here.


Considerably, create and send quotes to your clients. just a few clicks, based on the requirements given by the consumers with you.

In conclusion, you can share a basic quotation link with your customer and allow them to download it in place of sending them a formal document.

Additionally, as it will continue to be in your Odoo CRM program, you can check it at a later time.

Moreover, just in case you wish to refer back to the earlier chat. By simply choosing the Pay Now option in the given URL, the customer can make the payment online.

Advanced Integrations


The leads in the CRM are directly converted into sales orders by sales. a quick and effective solution for the sales team of your business.

Point of Sale

Lead generation for the CRM module will be possible through retail operations with POS integration.

Website and e-commerce

Visitors to the website will be able to generate leads for the CRM. due to the e-commerce solutions' integration with the website.

Marketing Techniques

The interface with the marketing campaign is explained in the marketing module. The interaction with email and SMS marketing technologies also simplifies features of follow-up.

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