1. Quality

One should confirm the quality of the goods your business produces. The business performs a number of quality-checking methods on the finished product before delivering it to the customer to ensure it meets quality standards. O2b Technologies brings the best Odoo quality management system, that is able to manage these tasks through a single platform.

The business has evolved along with technological and operational capabilities, and so have individuals and experts. Today, a variety of solutions, particularly for various functional elements, are employed in corporate operations and management. There are more options to select from in every area of business operations and management, particularly in relation to business management systems. Odoo is one of the well-known tools for quality management that stands out among other options for offering dependability and efficiency in management operations.

2. Equipment Maintenance

The Odoo equipment management software was developed to handle business-related equipment. Our specialists will remain with you throughout the whole equipment management process, keeping track of everything from repairs to upkeep. With the correct Odoo equipment management software solution, you can increase your sales and profitability.

The effective management of equipment is a fundamental aspect of corporate management. It could be difficult to fully comprehend all of a user's requirements and equipment. Machine parts must be handled and seen independently in order to function properly. Continuous production enhancement is accomplished by keeping and properly servicing your equipment. The Odoo maintenance module, along with an equipment management system, is a powerful tool for managing and monitoring all of your equipment with less hassle and complexity.

Stop using time clocks

Stop using time clocks

accurate planning that is based on measurements of actual manufacturing timeframes.

Lot of new

Lot of new

Fully integrated MRP, Quality, Maintenance and PLM

Instant Interaction

Instant Interaction

Show worksheets and quality caution to employees while they are operating.

Automating the shop floor

Automating the shop floor

Utilize the API to collect data from your equipment in real time.

Odoo Manufacturing Software

Work Centre Control Panel


Place tablets at each workstation to easily arrange employees' workloads. Register productions, and look up lots, goods, or serial numbers to keep track of production.


Automatically present worksheets with operator directions on the WorkCentre.

Miscellaneous Operations:

From the WorkCentre, execute checks, create quality alerts, and scrap products.


Use alerts to show the operator updates or quality assurance inspections.


Manufacturing orders:

Manage your products into assembly lines or manual assembly for manufacturing orders.

Work orders:

Start manufacturing the components required for your products' final assembly.

Repair orders:

Manage repairs of goods covered by warranties or provided as a service with repair orders.

Odoo Manufacturing Software

Organize & prepare

Manufacturing strategy:

Create a comprehensive picture of the entire planning process and easily reschedule manufacturing by using a plan.

Organize work orders:

Have access to all resources offered and arrange your production in advance.

Manufacturing strategy: Monitor the bill of materials:

Keep an eye on the manufacturing schedule and the stock levels of the various items.

WorkCentre Capacity:

The MRP II scheduler uses the work centre's capacity and schedules.

Organize and prepare

Barcode scanner

Whether you work with quantities, serial numbers, or unexplained goods, barcodes can help you move things along more quickly at every level:

  • Controlling reception
  • Picking \sPacking
  • Orders for work... and more!
Odoo Manufacturing Software

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