Overall eCommerce Website Management

Odoo is just not recognized to be function-ready, but you can simply create websites with the Odoo eCommerce websites builder by adding a few settings. The Odoo website eCommerce also includes useful equipment available to resolve websites and online stores efficiently. You will be able to manage the operations of your online business with simplicity with the integration of other Odoo modules like Odoo sale, Odoo Inventory and more.

With Odoo retail eCommerce store, you can define shipping rules to make the delivery of products fast and effective. Odoo website eCommerce is integrated with shipping carriers like DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. It lets you make the shipping process more efficient. Furthermore, you can track each of your orders and get to know the status or particular orders in real time. Also, you can setup eCommerce store for small businesses. As Odoo website eCommerce is perfect for small, medium to large size online businesses. Odoo eCommerce Websites Builder is easily affordable.

O2b is offering a great solution for all eCommerce store owners. Odoo website eCommerce is a customizable, integrated, and the most advanced eCommerce store platform. It helps you to manage all the activities related to shipping as well as payment processing.

Features of Odoo eCommerce Websites Builder

eCommerce Specified Dashboard

eCommerce Specified Dashboard

Odoo eCommerce store builder provides a dedicated dashboard for the eCommerce website. This eCommerce dashboard helps the eCommerce manager to monitor the complete eCommerce workflow from a single dashboard. Also, it shows the facts and stats of the overall tasks and activities.

Amazing Live Chat Tool

Amazing Live Chat Tool

One can use the available live chat option in the Odoo eCommerce store to place an enquiry, raise any issue, share their product feedback, or overall purchasing experience with the seller. The live chat tool is managed by both either by a dedicated human resource or a bot. lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Wishlist and Product Comparison Tool

Wishlist and Product Comparison Tool

Odoo retail eCommerce store consist of a tool that is used to compare similar products from various sellers or other products available in a similar category. It also helps you compare your shortlisted products in the wishlist section on the basis of price, features and more.

Discounts and Advertising Campaigns

Discounts and Advertising Campaigns

Odoo website store builder for eCommerce efficiently supports all the discount offers like additional discount coupons, buy 1 get 1 offers, early bird offers, discount sales and so on. Odoo eCommerce websites builder also helps in running promotional and advertising campaigns for various or single products altogether.

Direct Billing

Direct Billing

Odoo eCommerce store builder apps support payment processing and direct billing. It is important for reducing the procedure of receiving customer payment information and getting paid. Additionally, the Odoo eCommerce store facilitates subscription setup, fraud prevention, and data security for consumer payments. lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Monitor Abandoned Carts

Monitor Abandoned Carts

Sometimes, buyers did not complete the purchase and leave the products in the shopping carts themselves. Odoo website eCommerce platform actively tracks and monitors the items left in the cart by the buyer. Odoo retail eCommerce store software shares regular emails, messages and other communications to remind customers about abandoned carts.

Set up Automatic Orders Follow-ups

Set up Automatic Orders Follow-ups

One can set up online eCommerce store system to automatically follow the orders made. You can rigorously set up automated follow-up using the Odoo eCommerce websites builder software to know the actual status of each order placed and in transit at every stage.

Automated Confirmation Notifications

Automated Confirmation Notifications

Set eCommerce store for automated confirmation messages and get alert notifications on every activity. Odoo retail eCommerce store helps lorem ipsum dolor sit amet lorem lorem ipsum dolor sit amet lo ipsum dolor sit amet lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration

Using Google Maps with Odoo website eCommerce, you can locate your geolocation data. In the Odoo eCommerce website builder, google adds an address and autocompletes the form with an activated partner form to the map localization view. lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Advantages of Odoo eCommerce Websites Builder

Sell your Goods Online Boundary

With Odoo retail eCommerce store you can easily sell goods beyond national and international boundaries.

Fleet Management to facilitate Product Delivery

Manage your fleet to assure efficient product delivery. On-time and safe delivery of products can be assured with the Odoo website eCommerce solution easily. Lorem Ipsum

Design Customized Shopping Pages

Design and create beautiful shopping pages. Odoo retail eCommerce store allows to you develop customized pages based upon your requirements. Lorem Ipsum

Advertise Product and Website

With Odoo eCommerce websites builder, you can easily kickstart your well-defined marketing for your products and eCommerce website. Lorem Ipsum Ipsum

Social Media Integration

The Odoo website eCommerce store integration with social media platforms allows you to communicate with the audience directly, get their feedback, respond to their queries, and more.

Shipping Connectors Integration

Store owners can control the shipping process using Odoo website eCommerce. They are able to set up online eCommerce stores with logistics service providers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Promote Digital Goods and Services

You can easily advertise and promote your goods and services online with the Odoo setup online eCommerce store.

Mobile User-Friendly

Odoo website eCommerce store is a mobile-friendly solution. It automatically adjusts to the device resolutions on which the Odoo eCommerce Websites is getting used.

Sort Products according to Categories

Add products with product variants as per the categories required. Odoo set up online eCommerce store that helps you sort out products based on the specified groups.

Sales and Inventory Integration

Odoo eCommerce store is fully integrated with Odoo sales and Odoo inventory modules that support overall product sell operations and also, ensure inventory management.

Payments Gateway Integration

With the help of Odoo addons and plugins, Odoo eCommerce websites builder is integrated with a number of payment gateways, including Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal, etc.

Odoo eCommerce Website Builder

O2b Technologies for Odoo eCommerce Websites

Anyone can use Odoo to run their eCommerce website, but you will need experienced and dedicated professionals to set up online eCommerce store with your platform to meet your business requirements for your business's websites and eCommerce activities.

As a certified Odoo partner, O2b Technologies is fully capable of offering Odoo eCommerce websites builder for development and customizing to your unique business needs.

O2b technologies has wide range of Products to cater business software need in every sphere of an organizations.

Meet the Expert


How will Odoo eCommerce Websites Builder support my eCommerce business?

Odoo eCommerce assists in setting up an online store and website on the server. Odoo creates eye-catching themes to make the front end of your website engaging. And enhance the backend of your website, which facilitates the success of your eCommerce business.

How much time does the setup require?

Depends on your business requirements and complex levels.

Can we handle Odoo eCommerce websites builder on our own once it's set up?

Yes, you can manage Odoo retail eCommerce store when we set up eCommerce store and train you over it.