Best Odoo Sales Lead Management Software

Boost Sales with an Efficient Lead Management Solution

Managing the captured leads in a synchronized manner is a complex process. And, keeping a regular track of nurtured generated leads in the pipeline until they got converted is even more complex process.

O2b Technologies provides you with very efficient Odoo leads management software to manage your leads through the sales funnel. And, this single integrated lead management module helps you to monitor them at every step from lead creation to scoring to conversion.

What is lead management?

Lead management is the systematic process of qualifying, analyzing, and nurturing incoming leads to transform them into new business possibilities. Leads from different channels enter your lead management system in a standard sales process, and sales-ready leads are converted into deals. If you want to make the most of prospects that are interested in your product or service, you must have a lead management module in place.

Odoo lead management software works for organizations of all kinds and sizes. Your sales representatives can now convert more leads in lesser time and with less work.

Sales Lead management

What is Odoo Sales Lead Management Software?

Sales Lead Management Software

Salespeople in today's marketing and sales industry need a simple approach to track their prospects and want all of the information in one place. Managers also need visibility into the sales pipeline and the steps their salespeople are taking.

It takes a lot of effort to generate a lead. First of all, you have to focus on the target audience, attract them and after validating and prioritizing their interest, contact them. After this process, you have to manage those leads. It is a difficult task to manage leads manually. As a result, it becomes a difficult process that is not good for your business.

O2b Technologies’ Odoo lead management software benefits both salespeople and management by increasing efficiency and providing access to widely segmented, well-visualized data. Lead management Odoo ERP facilitates you to see all of your leads/opportunities in one place, manage them from one stage to the next, and evaluate your results.

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Using intelligent automation, our Odoo lead management software system accelerates your ability to lead management. It reduces lead leakage and speeds up the sales process.

1. Lead capture

Capture leads from any source - website, Facebook, Google, lead providers, referrals - and funnels them into a single platform with no leakage.

2. Lead Quality

Auto-qualify marketing leads based on quality score criteria before handing them along to the sales team.

3. Leads Distribution

Track and distribute leads to your teams easily based on requirements or other external factors.

4. Lead Scoring

Your leads will be scored using both explicit and implicit criteria (on pages viewed, localization, time). Define various actions based on the lead score and team assignment criteria. Determine which overall score qualifies to be transformed into a chance.

5. Marketing Automation

Create an omnichannel marketing automation plan to help new leads convert. And develop long-term consumer relations.

6. Engagement Analysis

Real-time engagement scores for leads based on actions customers do. Website visits, email opens, link clicks, queries, and so forth.

7. Dialer built-in

Track and record your salespeople's conversations with leads to ensure maximum compliance and efficiency.

8. Emails Campaign Builder

Our lead software is integrated with an email marketing tool. Using our drag-and-drop designer, create beautiful responsive email templates and landing pages to drive high conversions.

9. Integration With Other Modules

Using APIs, this ERP can be easily integrated with most major apps across sectors, allowing for bi-directional knowledge transfer.

10. Reports and Dashboards

Over 100+ reports assist you in measuring every aspect of your operation, from campaign expenditures to sales close rates.


Complete Lead Management Complete Lead Management

With the Odoo lead generation system, you can track every interaction your leads make with your website, blogs, telephones, chat platforms, and salespeople in a simple, clean view.

Notifications of Sales Notifications of Sales

Notify salespeople anytime a key step is taken or a lead progresses in the sales funnel. This ensures that your team meets with prospects on time and never misses closing opportunities.

Role Based Access Role Based Access

The Odoo lead management software does not have to be accessible to all users. Based on customizable permission templates, they can limit their access to only the leads relevant to their position. Lead access can also be allowed based on time.

Improved Customer Satisfaction Improved Customer Satisfaction

Clients will contact you if something is wrong, but you should also contact them to ensure that everything is fine. You can give them specific discounts, notify them about new product launches, or simply wish them a happy birthday.

Simplify Sales Operation Simplify Sales Operation

The Odoo lead management module eases the overall sales process. Bring every single detail under a single platform that helps the leaders and the senior sales representatives track each activity at every step. Also, remains connected to the clients as well.

Captured Leads from all Channels Captured Leads from all Channels

Odoo lead management software is the top ERP system when it comes to capturing the leads from all the set channels like Facebook, Linkedin, google, youtube, or any other external running campaign. Users can also separate the leads based on their worth using multiple filters available.

Automate Regular and Complex Tasks Automate Regular and Complex Tasks

The Odoo lead generation ERP system facilitates automating the regular tasks based on the priority set by the user and also simply the difficult activities. Simplifying the challenging tasks, allows the user to focus on more important activities whether those are due or outstanding.

Better Sales Productivity and Efficiency Better Sales Productivity and Efficiency

Odoo lead management module helps in increasing sales productivity effectively and efficiently. By aligning the complete lead management process, the software assists in saving time and cost which directly enhances the final output of the sales process.

O2b Technologies for Sales Lead Management Software

O2b Technologies offers Odoo lead management software that automates all your sales process from the beginning, tracks customers’ history from the first contact to final delivery, and more.

The sales and lead management Odoo ERP sales software helps you to manage and get real-time insights into your activities of marketing and field sales. The Odoo lead management software enables you to monitor your sales executives' attendance and location.

It includes quotes, sales orders, order scheduling, shipping and delivery note, sales invoice, and order return. The platform simplifies lead generation, organization, and tracking.

Sales Lead Management Software
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How Odoo lead management software is different from Odoo CRM?

Odoo lead management software facilitates the automation of the overall lead lifecycle, from capture to close.

Odoo CRM is much more than Odoo lead generation tool; it is a collection of software that functions as a central database to integrate your sales, marketing, and customer support operations together, as well as simplifies your process, strategies, and people in one platform.

How long does it take to implement Odoo lead management solution?

Depending upon the requirements of the client.

What is the need for Odoo lead management software?

A well-equipped system can help you interact with your leads systematically, track their status, convert them into deals, and use business intelligence to analyze and improve your overall sales process by keeping all of the leads you generate from various channels organized and stored in a central location.

Is Odoo lead management included in Odoo CRM?

It is undoubtedly an important part of Odoo CRM.

What is the cost of O2b Technologies’ Odoo lead management module?

Depending upon the requirements of the client.