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An Odoo developer is a professional expert who develops and customizes Odoo modules, features, and functionalities within the Odoo ERP software. They have extensive knowledge of programming in Python, JavaScript, jQuery, etc, and are experts in the Odoo framework. They efficiently operate with Odoo ERP software and its complete range of modules.

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Recruit our Odoo developers and achieve complete control and efficiency for all your business needs in just three straightforward steps:


Hire a dedicated and expert Odoo developer from O2b Technologies as per your requirements.


Assign all your tasks and manage your business requirements as per convenience.

Get desired output

Get satisfactory output on time with ease and optimum solutions. Lorem ipsum, dolor.

Our Odoo Developers Have Expertise in

We do not only develop but also help our clients achieve their business objectives most efficiently.

Odoo Implementation Services

The Odoo-O2B specialists team handles the Odoo implementation project ensuring that the Odoo implementation adds value to your business and makes your business operations more efficient and faster.

Odoo Customization Services

O2B developer helps you to customize your system according to your business needs, ensuring that your unique and specific needs are fulfilled.

Odoo Integration Services

We can help you to extend the functionality of your system. Hire our developers and integrate your software with third-party applications.

Odoo ERP Support Services

We offer functional as well as technical support to resolve each of your business issues. Our highly skilled development team provides you with the best Odoo support services.

Odoo ERP Consulting Services

Our expert consultants will help you identify the gaps in your business flow and suggest the best Odoo development and customization.

Odoo Migration & Maintenance Services

Our developers have experience in migrating business whether from version to version or another platform to Odoo while enhancing and maintaining the system for flawless and easy services.

Odoo Apps Development

Hire our professional and skilled Odoo developers and get the applications developed that are specific to your business requirements, O2b Technologies is an expert in developing custom modules for its clients.

Odoo CRM Migration

Our expert team of Odoo developers helps in the migration of clients existing CRM portals such as Salesforce, Zoho, etc to Odoo for efficient business processes.

Odoo HRMS Development

Our Odoo developers customize the existing HRMS software for seamless management of HR roles and functions for your businesses like the recruitment process, employee management, etc.

Odoo Payment Gateway Integrations

Our developers integrate payment gateways for your Odoo ERP software for easy and smooth payment processes.

Shipping Method Integration

Our developers are proficient in the integration of various shipping methods with Odoo and develop customized shipment rules as per your business requirements.

Odoo Mobile App Development

Hiring an Odoo-O2B developer for your business can easily help you convert your online store to an Odoo mobile app for your Android and IOS making your online business easily accessible and user-friendly.

Odoo POS Development Services

You can easily boost the management of your physical and online stores into efficient and user-friendly Odoo POS and mobile apps with Odoo POS development features.

Odoo SAAS Development Services

Our group of technically sound Odoo developers can effectively create modules that turn your Odoo into a SAAS service vendor offering access to optimal solutions for its operators.

Odoo Marketplace Development

These Odoo modules can directly transform your single e-commerce website into a vendor marketplace making it easily accessible for its consumers.

Theme Development Services

You can now easily give design to your Odoo ERP e-commerce store with unique and distinctive themes to attract more consumers towards it with the help of our expert group of developers.

Odoo PWA Development Services

Progressive web application (PWA) features in Odoo allow you to enjoy the best web capabilities with its distinctive features and enhanced speed both on websites as well as mobile applications.

Odoo Headless Development

Hiring our certified group of developers can easily make your Odoo ERP websites stand beyond any other websites by introducing this modern technology of headless development into your Odoo ERP.

Why Should You
Hire Odoo ERP Developer from O2B Technologies?

Odoo ERP is a comprehensive business application platform that accelerates your business processes effectively while successful implementation of Odoo ERP depends on how skillful your development team is. Thus, working with top Odoo partners and hiring professional Odoo developers is important, who can customize and develop the system as per your requirements. Our developers with extensive knowledge of Odoo ERP can help you with the smartest ERP solutions. O2b Technologies provides Odoo experts and professional Odoo developers who have worked with numerous industries and have completed hundreds of implementations.

We have a team of Odoo specialists with a wide range of technical and functional knowledge that can help you get the best implementation plans, top-notch development, and customization services. O2b Technologies ensures seamless Odoo development, customization, integration, and migration services for your Odoo ERP software

Hiring Process of our Odoo developers

Hire our Odoo developers to strengthen your business by following these five simple steps:

Step 1

Requirement Clarification:

Odoo has mainly three frameworks namely website/e-Commerce, POS, and Back-end. We have a team of Odoo developers who are experts in all three frameworks. After clarifying the requirement, one can hire our developers as per their business needs whether it could be a front-end developer, POS developer, or back-end developer.

Step 1

Documentation Process (Detailed Documentation):

After receiving clear requirements from the client, we help our clients prepare the documents consisting of a list of items required for Odoo development or customization. This helps us understand the scope of the development project.

Step 1

Getting a Quote:

After getting a clear idea of the client's requirements and the amount of effort it will take, we will be able to generate the right quotation for our clients to approve and move forward with the project.

Step 4

Make Payments:

After approving the quotation, clients need to make payment so that we can start working on their projects. We accept payment through Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Stripe.

Step 5

Quick start of the project:

Once the payment has been made by the clients, we will quickly start the project. Here, our Odoo developers will ensure to meet all the needs of clients from development to customization services, etc.

Working Model Of Our Odoo Developer

We have different hiring models for our clients. You can choose to opt for any one of them as per your project type, Business requirements, and budgets which are explained below:

Based on project type (Type of Development Project):

1. Front-End Development Project

If in case, you need the Odoo development services for your website development or e-Commerce project, then you will need a team of Odoo experts, that includes:

  • Front-end Developers
  • Odoo API developers (for integration needs)
  • Quality Analysts
  • Odoo Consultants (Functional)

2. Back-End Development Project

The team involved in the back-end development project includes:

  • Odoo Consultants (Technical and Functional)
  • Back-end Developer
  • Quality Analyst

3. POS Development Project team comprises of:

  • Odoo Consultants (Functional)
  • Odoo POS Developer
  • Quality Analyst

Based on the Budget/Payment Plan


1. Fixed Cost

This type of project includes phases such as:

  • Gap Analysis - It might take 1-2 weeks depending on the requirement.
  • Development phase - After analyzing the requirements the team starts the development process.

2. Hourly

It is the most beneficial plan as it comes with continuous feedback and regular updates on PMS, while the cost is entirely based on the timesheet of the resources.

3. Monthly

When opting for a monthly payment plan, the team will simultaneously carry out the Gap analysis and development process. In this plan, the client needs to pay every month.

4. Quarterly

If the client selects the Quarterly payment plan, our team will work on the gap analysis and development process parallelly which saves us time and lets us deliver the project on time.

5. Yearly

While choosing the Yearly payment plan, our team simultaneously works on the Gap analysis and development process. The client will have to pay yearly.

Why O2B Technologies?

Odoo Specialists

We have a pool of expert and certified Odoo developers with years of experience in multiple industries.

Flexible options

Choosing O2b technology will give you complete control over the project execution and delivery as well as the preference of Odoo developers.

Track Project

You can always monitor your development projects and propose changes if required. You will get work reports regularly.

Effective Communication

Users can communicate directly with our Odoo developers via Skype, Email, Google Meet, and WhatsApp at their convenience.

Expert Supervision

If required, our expert project managers and Certified Odoo consultants will guide you throughout your development project.

Prompt Support

With O2b technologies you can get personalized assistance from our Odoo expert team and our professional Odoo developers will resolve issues at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring Odoo developers will be a more profitable choice as it will help you easily manage all your project needs with ease along with being cost-effective as hiring a personalized Odoo developer will avoid expenses on infrastructure setup, advertising, etc.

O2B Technologies is one of the best companies to hire Odoo developers for your organization with a highly skilled and qualified team of Odoo developers with years of experience working with the Odoo framework and having direct access to Odoo.

An Odoo partner has direct access to Odoo for its customization, integration, implementation, etc as per clients' project requirements, while having dedicated resources assigned to Odoo projects.

Odoo is gaining huge popularity among ERP solutions for its open-source nature inspiring more developers to contribute actively to its customization, and implementations while being a super easy and user-friendly ERP solution for your organizations.

You can choose the best developers for your project by defining clear overviews of your project's requirements and choosing the best developers by analyzing their portfolios and skill sets based on your requirements and preferences.

Yes, we do provide the test periods for resources but those are chargeable.

There are some of the major skills required for an Odoo developer like a good command of the Python programming language, web development skills, Odoo framework knowledge, problem-solving and communication skills, etc.

Odoo’s primary language is Python. As it is open source and runs on all major operating services.

Odoo can be the easiest of all management software to use as well as to develop with dedication and desire to learn. You can easily learn and use Odoo to your requirements.

You can easily hire an Odoo developer from some of the certified Odoo partners like O2b technologies simply from their websites.

Every Odoo partner has a special team of developers to help you with your requirements and can also reach Odoo directly as an official partner while freelancers have no direct access to it.

O2B Technologies is one of the best Odoo Consultant in USA, our specialized Odoo ERP consultants are the best fit for your organization being expertise in Odoo implementation, customizations, and integration services for streamlining all your business operations with ease and efficacy.

Odoo is suitable for all businesses from small scale to large scale. Odoo enterprise is an Odoo version specially designed for mid-scale and large-scale industries with various integration options and features suitable for bigger organizations. Odoo is used by many big companies worldwide.

O2b Technologies provides a project management tool for smooth communication between the client and the developers. Here, the client can raise queries, issues, or any other challenge which can be answered by the developer. Hire Odoo developers from us and get the best Odoo development experience.

The cost to hire Odoo developers might vary based on the project size, Which level of developers you want to hire and also the agencies you are hiring from, and many other factors.

Odoo mainly uses Python programming language, however, one can use Odoo without having any programming knowledge with the help of a tool within Odoo called “Odoo Studio” that allows you to build your app without any coding knowledge.

Yes, Odoo developer is a good career choice because of its increasing demand in the marketplace as Odoo ERP is gaining popularity among businesses to operate and manage all their business requirements efficiently.

Yes, we do understand the importance of NDA and we don’t have any problem in signing the NDA. We respect our client's privacy and secrecy.