Best ERP Solution: Odoo

What Is Odoo?

Odoo software is an open-source, easy-to-use, customizable, highly flexible, scalable, and comprehensive ERP software solution. Odoo is written in the Python language, which is one of the most advanced programming languages. Odoo encompasses a plethora of business applications such as CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Project, Timesheets, Accounting, Human Resources, Invoicing, Discuss, Fleet Management, Field Service, and more.

Odoo ERP is one of the best ERP platforms so far, which has been designed for small, medium-sized, and large enterprises. This software is available on the cloud as well as on-premise. Being an open-source platform, Odoo can be modified as per the business's needs, this means any type of business that can use Odoo. Our team of Odoo experts customizes the system as per the client's requirements so that they can make full use of Odoo and grow faster. One can use Odoo for small business, mid-sized business as well as large enterprises.

Odoo is an amazing ERP system that is based on the concept of consistent growth. Odoo is expanding faster day by day in order to offer more advanced and smarter solutions to its users. Odoo launches its new version every year that has additional features, functionalities, and modules. The latest version of Odoo facilitates more automation and lets the business handle its business more effectively.

Odoo Editions

Odoo is available in two editions:

1. Odoo Community

The community edition of Odoo is fully open-source and one can use it for free. Businesses can use it for commercial purposes on their own server.

  • Fully Open-Source
  • Free to Use
  • Customizable
  • Best for Small Businesses
  • Limited hosting options (Self Hosted)

2. Odoo Enterprise

This is the licensed edition of Odoo which means you have to pay the license fee to use this edition. Odoo Enterprise has more features and modules than the community version.

  • Licensed Version
  • Unlimited Functional Support
  • Regular Upgrades
  • Best for Medium and Large Enterprises
  • Multiple Hosting Options (Self Hosted, Odoo Online, and

Odoo ERP Services

O2b Technologies is an Official Odoo partner company and offers comprehensive Odoo solutions and services to its customers.

Odoo Consulting

Odoo consultants help companies gather their business requirements so that the system can be built to match their workflow. Our consultants are experts who will help you with the Gap analysis, it will help the development team to develop the perfect ERP system for your business.

Odoo Implementation

This service includes the complete process of implementation, from requirement gathering, system development, to deploying the solution on the live and providing consistent support. We follow the efficient implementation approach that saves time, costs, and resource efforts.

Odoo Customization

The customization services help in getting the solution that matches your exact business needs. Odoo developers can easily modify the system as per your requirements, they can customize the system and add new features that fit into your business workflow.

Odoo Development

Our Odoo development team offers the best in class Odoo development service that helps in having the perfect ERP software for your business. If you want to have a new application be developed, they can build a completely new Odoo app or module for you.

Odoo Integration

Odoo integration services allow you to connect your Odoo solution with third-party applications in order to make business workflow more seamless. Odoo enables businesses to get the benefits of two systems at a time and optimize the entire business activities.

Odoo Support and Maintenance

Odoo offers consistent support even after the implementation process. We offer the best Odoo support pack, it includes 24x7 assistance, bug fixing, functional support, server support, and maintenance. The team communicates via Skype, Email, Calls, WhatsApp, Google Meet, etc.

Key Odoo Modules

1. Odoo CRM

This is the best tool for handling your customers from the very start stage. Easily manage your leads, convert them into opportunities, schedule activities, track customer interaction, communicate effectively, and close the deals more effectively. Odoo CRM is a feature-rich customer relationship management solution on the market for all sizes of businesses.

2. Odoo Sales

Create effective quotations and send them to your customers via email just in a single click. Instantly convert quotations into sales orders after getting approval from the customers. Sell faster by using the eSignature feature, manage products efficiently, estimate the correct price, and monitor all the sales orders, deliveries, and invoices to get complete details.

3. Odoo Accounting

This accounting solution helps businesses manage their day-to-day accounting activities with the utmost ease. Odoo accounting module helps you reduce all the hassles related to your bookkeeping and accounting. Easily track your finances and get accurate reports in real-time. It will help you make better decisions related to the accounts and finance of your business.

4. Odoo Inventory

This is the smartest inventory control and management system that helps you organize your warehouse. Manage and track the basic inventory operations such as delivery orders, product packaging, stock transfers ( internal and external), and more. It has the feature of barcode scanning as well as it facilitates advanced routing such as dropshipping, cross-docking,pick-pack-ship, etc.

5. Odoo Purchase

Easily manage purchase requisitions, product receipts, invoices, and more. Easily manage purchase requisitions, product receipts, invoices, and more. Odoo is the most feature-rich e-commerce solution on the market for small businesses, providing the best ROI for your business. You’ll get all the tools you need to create a store and grow your sales.

Reasons To Choose Odoo ERP

  • It is an Open Source ERP solution and has a Low Cost of Implementation.
  • Odoo fits into all kinds of business models due to its customizable nature.
  • This ERP platform has the support of a huge and powerful community.
  • Multiple options when it comes to implementation, it has 1600+ certified partners.
  • Trust of more than 5 Million users worldwide.
  • Odoo software can be used on-premise and on the cloud.

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1Why do I select Odoo ERP for my business?

Odoo is an open source, web-based, customizable, and modular ERP solution and it ensures faster business growth.

2Is there any user limit in Odoo?

There is no such user limit in Odoo, however, you have to pay per user in Enterprise Edition.

3What are the hosting options available in the Odoo Community and Enterprise edition?

In the Odoo Community version, you can buy a server from O2b Technologies or you can use the self-hosting option. On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise supports various types of hosting, including Self Hosted, Odoo Online,, and by O2b.

4Does Odoo support multiple currencies?

Yes, Odoo supports multiple currencies.

5What Odoo modules are available out of the box?

Odoo has approximately 40+ modules available out of the box, including: CRM, sales, inventory, purchase, manufacturing, invoicing, project management, warehouse management, point of sale, eCommerce, human resource, discuss, maintenance, repair, etc.