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Odoo Migration

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Migrating Odoo version from one to another called as migration of Odoo which includes data migration and module porting services. We are one of the best companies for Odoo migration services. Upgrading from older versions to the newer ones can be complex, therefore, choose the right Odoo migration partner. We have done more than a hundred migrations for our clients. We have done diverse Odoo version migrations such as Odoo 10 to 15 migration, Odoo 12 to 15, Odoo 13 to 15, and Odoo 14 to 15 migration.

Not only Odoo version migration but also we have helped businesses to migrate from their old ERP systems such as Quickbook, sage and Microsoft Dynamics to Odoo ERP. And we are experts in QuickBooks to Odoo Migration, SAP Business One To Odoo Migration, Oracle Netsuite to Odoo Migration, and more. O2b Technologies uses the right technology and tools and migrates data successfully to the latest version of Odoo and also from the different systems to the Odoo.

Odoo Migration

There are different types of Odoo migrations, including:

Data Migration:

Data Migration is the process of migrating the data from old ERP to the new ERP and it is said to be correct when data show the correct results even after the migration process with the latest functionality of the new system. O2b Technologies Help customers with data migration from Odoo older version to the newer versions of Odoo and also from various different legacy systems like Quickbook and other ERPs.

Module migration:

Module migration or module porting is known as code migration. Module migration is a procedure of porting custom modules or OOTB modules properly to the said Odoo version. The reason behind it is, with the introduction of the new version, the modules need specific changes like Python, Jquery or Qweb etc and it requires the ported module to follow all the guidelines defined with the new Odoo version.

Odoo Version Migration

If you are already an Odoo user and looking for Odoo migration partners who can help you to migrate from your current Odoo version to the newer ones. Odoo launches a new version every year, and as of Feb, 2022, Odoo 15 is the latest one. For example, if you are using Odoo 12 but now you want more features and functionalities that are in the newer version such as Odoo 13, Odoo 14, or Odoo 15. In this case, you can contact the top Odoo partners and switch to the latest version and enjoy the new features and functionalities. We have done multiple Odoo version migrations like Odoo migration 9 to 15, Odoo 10 to 15 migration, odoo 10 to 15 migration, Odoo 13 to 15 migration, etc.

Why Migrate to the Newest Version?

There are countless reasons why an organization decides to migrate from the older Odoo version to the newer ones. Let's see what are the major reasons behind migrating to the new Odoo version:

1. New Features, Applications, and Integrations

The most prominent advantage of migrating to the newest version is definitely the latest features, functionalities, modules, and integrations. Odoo is one of the fastest-growing ERPs and the reason behind this rapid growth is consistent advancements in the system. Odoo developed approximately 2 to 4 new modules every year. These modules are more user-friendly than the older versions of modules and have more integration capabilities. For example, the Odoo 14 version integrates its CRM module with Outlook for better email communication with customers.

2. Quicker, Slicker, and More User-Friendly

You will always find the newer version of Odoo is faster than the previous ones. Every new version of Odoo improves its speed, both in the front-end as well as back-end. For example, you can see the back end of Odoo 13 is almost 5 times faster than Odoo 12, Odoo 14 version's front-end is almost 3.5x faster than version 13, and more. These kinds of improvements attract Odoo users to upgrade from the older version to the latest one.

3. Get Bug Fixing & Functional Support from Odoo

If you are using any 3 of the recent Odoo enterprise versions, only then you will get support from the Odoo. For example, if you are using Odoo 15, Odoo 14, or Odoo 13, then you are eligible for bug fixing and functional support from Odoo. Further, if you are using Odoo enterprise 12 or older, then Odoo does not provide bug fixes or any functional support.

Migrate from Different ERP Software to Odoo ERP

Quickbooks To Odoo Migration
Quickbooks To Odoo Migration

Firstly, O2b Technologies focuses on data migration as it is one of the most important tasks during migration from your QuickBooks to Odoo ERP. Avoid complexity while the migration process with the best Odoo migration company. To execute your data migration plan, firstly you need to make a list of data and this list consists of data of customers, suppliers, products, stock levels, and also you need to import outstanding balances(AR/AP). Furthermore, we help you in every step of migration from exporting your data from QuickBooks to importing it successfully to Odoo. O2b Technologies being an Odoo implementation partner can definitely help you to implement Odoo ERP solutions for your business.

SAP Business One To Odoo Migration
SAP Business One To Odoo Migration

Move your business data from SAP Business One software to Odoo ERP software. O2b Technologies provides a custom migration service that securely migrates data to the Odoo ERP system. Furthermore, we set up the field mapping, to put it another way, we map fields you want to migrate and then import data to Odoo. Important to realize, we migrate custom fields and data, this means you can migrate the custom data fields from the SAP Business One System to the Odoo ERP system. We also support user mapping, to elaborate this, you can migrate corresponding user data to Odoo as well as you can choose the other user as well.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Odoo Migration
Microsoft Dynamics 365 To Odoo Migration

So many companies use ERP software solutions and integrate them with various different software systems or manage everything on Excel sheets. Odoo is an all-in-one software solution that allows you to manage each of your business processes in a single integrated system. Important to realize, it can be one of the most important reasons to migrate from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Odoo. Equally important, we take care of every process of migration of data from MD 365 to Odoo. You can get all the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 along with extra features in Odoo software.

Oracle Netsuite to Odoo Migration
Oracle Netsuite to Odoo Migration

O2b Technologies is a top Odoo migration company and can help you with the migration from NetSuite to Odoo. Usually, it takes a lot of time, in other words, it is a time-consuming process. But we can effortlessly migrate all the data from the existing system Oracle Netsuite to Odoo within a few weeks. We create the data exports from NetSuite that can be imported to Odoo in a few weeks only. As a matter of fact, Odoo has better functionality at a lower price than Netsuite. We all know that costing is the major factor in choosing a software system. Considering the cost, Odoo is an obvious choice.

What Makes Us Best Odoo ERP Migration Company

  • We follow a structured approach which gives the seamless experience of working with all types of businesses.
  • Our team knows the importance of step-by-step migration: understanding the existing system, data extraction, data cleaning, field mapping, and integrity check.
  • We have a team of experts who have done this countless times.
  • Our high priority is the safety and security of your data.
  • We provide the best Odoo migration services at highly competitive pricing.
  • Get successful up-gradation from the Odoo Community Database to Enterprise.
Odoo Migration


1How long does it take to migrate to a new Odoo version?

It totally depends on factors like:

2Do you migrate from QuickBooks or other systems to Odoo?

Yes, we migrate from QuickBooks as well as other applications to Odoo.

3How much cost will be involved in migration?

It is not definite, it totally depends on your data size. To get more information related to migration services, contact us at

4 How much time does it take for migration?

Generally, it can take 2 to 3 weeks. However, it completely depends on the size of the data.

5Is it possible to migrate Odoo customized modules along with the up-gradation?

Yes, it is possible, Odoo partner can help you migrate your customized Odoo modules along with the up-gradation.

6Can we migrate from the old version to the latest version of Odoo?

Yes, you can migrate from the older version of Odoo to the latest version. We offer great Odoo migration services and have migrated Odoo 12 to Odoo 15, Odoo 10 to Odoo 15, Odoo 8 to Odoo 15, and more. Version migration usually involves two major phases, one is database migration and another one is module migration.

7 Why are Odoo partners better than the Odoo freelancers for Odoo migration services?

The answer is very simple, Odoo partners are more skilled and experienced than freelancers. Also, they have dedicated support to your Odoo ERP migration needs. On the other hand, Odoo freelancers do not provide support after migration. O2b Technologies is the Odoo Silver Partner in the USA and it has certified consultants and developers who ensure the successful migration.