Odoo indeed is an exceptional, all-rounder, and comprehensive business management software out there. This is why it is one of the fastest-growing ERP platforms worldwide. No one regrets implementing Odoo in their business environment.

But sometimes you might need support from the Odoo partners, it can be due to minor technical issues in the system, and sometimes using this software can be slightly tricky due to certain usage restrictions. Being an Odoo partner, we make sure that you will easily use the system without any obstacles by providing top-notch technical and functional support.

The current business world is highly competitive and you cannot afford the bad performance of your software solution. This is why having constant support is necessary so that you can use the Odoo with its full potential and achieve what you have expected. Contact O2b Technologies for the Odoo Support and Maintenance services and gain the most out of the Odoo Implementation and reduce downtime.


Types Of Odoo Support

Functional Support

Odoo functional support helps you understand how Odoo features work. It helps end-users to use the Odoo ERP in the right way and it certainly improves the user experience.

Technical Support

Odoo technical support service helps you with the analysis of the technical issues that you are facing and provides the needed solutions by modifying the coding processes, if required.

Server Support and Maintenance

Odoo server support and maintenance help you with troubleshooting all the issues related to the server. Get support with security breaches, patches, upgrades, and more.

Odoo Support and Maintenance Packages

The Odoo Support and Maintenance package is crafted for organizations who already use Odoo and need technical and functional support. O2b Technologies has an experienced team of Odoo developers and analysts who provide all kinds of support and maintenance services. Get functional support, technical support as well as server support and maintenance. Having an Odoo support and maintenance package is necessary to make sure that the software is running bug-free.

Our dedicated team provides its clients with the lowest turnaround time to their Odoo support ticket. We have multiple Odoo support and maintenance plans to offer, you can opt for monthly support, quarterly, and yearly support. You can communicate with the support team via email, skype calls, Google Meet, and WhatsApp.

24x7 Support

O2b Offers Odoo solutions and services worldwide, this means, client timezone does not matter, we provide 24x7 support to our clients and never let them suffer because of time constraints. Whenever the client faces any issues we are ready to resolve them as quickly as possible. The team of skilled and professional developers and consultants is ready to help you with functional as well as technical support. Whether you need support regarding configuration or customization, our experts are ready to help you at any time.

Server Support

If you are facing issues related to your server, our server support service can help you troubleshoot all the issues. When you have server support from us, your computer network systems will operate more efficiently and reliably. We understand if your server goes down, the whole network will be affected and you will face productivity issues. Therefore, our robust server support service makes sure that your daily operations do not affect, your productivity will not go low, and that you work without any interruptions.


We provide top-notch Odoo maintenance services that aim to ensure our clients that they will get the maximum output by using Odoo ERP solutions. Our expert team responds quickly and makes sure you can use the system effortlessly. Odoo maintenance service is meant to ensure the software should work as per the client requirements. Our customers are our priority and we make sure that the system runs as per their expectations. If they face any challenges while using the system we fix the issue instantly.

Technical Support

Odoo Technical Support comes into the light when the end-user faces technical issues, which means issues due to coding errors, new development/customization requests. Our professional and experienced technical team is capable of fixing bugs, solving technical issues, as well as providing development and customization support. Our Odoo technical support experts coordinate with various teams, including the functional support team and server support & maintenance team to find the best solutions for the clients.

Functional Support

If you are facing challenges while using Odoo and understanding its functionalities, our Odoo functional support team can help you with this. They will assist you in configuring the system as per your business requirements and educate you about all the functionalities so that you can use the software effortlessly and improve business productivity. Helping end-users with functional support leads to a better user experience. For example, if you are facing issues in using the Odoo modules like CRM, sales, purchase, invoicing, inventory, etc. do not worry we have got you covered.

Enterprise or Community

It does not matter, whether you are using the Odoo Enterprise or Community, you can get the support and maintenance services from us. We will help you implement the solution and then provide the full support so that you can understand the solution and use it without facing any difficulties. The unlimited support is included in Odoo enterprise but you can get the support from us, you just need to buy the support package from us. O2b Technologies's support and maintenance pack is very affordable and can be purchased by community users as well.


1 What is the cost of Odoo support?

The cost of Odoo Support depends on the various factors:

like Hosting parameter

  • Self-hosting
  • On-premise
  • Cloud
  • Odoo.Sh

Number of Modules being used

Number of users using the Odoo platform

Number of transactions performed each month

Please ask for a specific quote by sharing the above information at

2 How can I reach you when we need Odoo support?

If you have purchased the Odoo support and maintenance package from us, you can go to and fill out the form with your queries and submit your support request.

3Do you provide Technical as well as functional support?

Yes, we provide both technical as well as functional support.

4Does your support package include extra Customization or Development?

Yes, you can ask for a customization support package. To know more about support packages email us at

5 What is your SLA (service level agreement)?

You can ask for a copy of SLA once you have a support agreement with us.

6 How often I might need Odoo support services from your team?

Usually, that depends on your team's capability to resolve issues by themselves. However, this has often seen technical people require less amount of support than others.