This includes various types of big and small business activities and functions of an organization. Companies and organizations are formed to provide consumers and business clients with professional goods and services. Depending on the company's aims, the purposes or roles of its various divisions can differ. Knowing various business operations and how they work will help you advance in your overall business management. It summarizes with field service, eLearning and eCommerce.

Field Service

effective onsite services to their clients by keeping a tab on customer requests, managing on-site employees, and having full visibility into operations. Field service is a significant aspect of any service-providing company. With the best-in-class field services, a business can build a healthy relationship with its customers. As we all know, for every business customer satisfaction is a vital force behind the success of the business. Read More


eLearning is a structured teaching-based learning system that makes use of electronic resources. eLearning is primarily based on using portable devices like computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones with the internet. O2b Technologies provides one of the leading eLearning portals known as the Odoo eLearning portal. Odoo eLearning software makes the virtual learning process easier and simpler. eLearning features have been added to the Odoo platform to facilitate the virtual transfer of knowledge. Read More


The specialized eCommerce website module will operate as the operations centre for all eCommerce activities beginning with the eCommerce website development. O2b Technologies brings Odoo eCommerce websites builder to make your eCommerce website. With Odoo retail eCommerce store, you can define shipping rules to make the delivery of products fast and effective. Odoo website eCommerce is integrated with shipping carriers like DHL, USPS, UPS, and FedEx. It lets you make the shipping process more efficient. Read More

O2b technologies has wide range of Products to cater business software need in every sphere of an organizations.

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