Seamless Odoo Integration

Odoo is an Open ERP software and it is a globally accepted ERP system because it easily integrates with third-party software by using rich and open source API libraries and web services. O2b Technologies Odoo integration service makes sure that you get everything united in a single software. Customized integration of multiple platforms and tools are really important for today’s business. Seamless Odoo integration makes your business more efficient and simple. Automating all your business processes and optimizing enterprise resources making them interact better. Generally, Odoo is modified internally through its modules, but some time for better outcomes, there is a need for external data and modules. Integration helps in enhancing the functionality and performance of modules. O2b Technologies have a highly experienced and professional OpenERP integration consultant.

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Odoo Connector and Odoo API

Odoo Connector is a powerful framework that develops any kind of bi-directional connector between Odoo and any other software or service, as a result, Odoo SAP integration becomes easier. Also, Odoo VOIP integration helps in automating your phone calls jus in a few clicks. With the O2b Technologies highly qualified and experienced Odoo integration experts and consultants can help you with the integration process. Furthermore, how the different components of the Odoo ERP software will interact, it is specified by the Odoo integration API. The importance of API integration is, it can be customized as per business type and your specific business needs. We are the top open ERP integrator in the USA and provide a wide range of Open ERP services across the USA.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Payment gateways play an important role nowadays as most consumers choose online stores for purchasing their daily needs. To enhance customers’ user experience Odoo integrates with the various payment gateways. It not only improves the customer’s user experience but also provides benefits to the business owner. Odoo payment gateway integration payment gateway reduces time and the overall payment processing costs. We are experts in Odoo Payeezy integration, Odoo PayPal Integration, Odoo Stripe Integration, and more. Odoo payment gateway integration allows simpler online transactions through secure payment gateways like Stripe, PayEezy, PayPal,, etc.

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Odoo Shopify Integration

Odoo eCommerce integration helps in managing all your e-commerce related activities such as sale order, transaction, shipment, etc. At the same time, at the back, it handles accounting and inventory operations. The most significant advantage of Odoo eCommerce integration is that it provides you with updates on every operation such as inventory, purchase, sales, and accounting. O2b Technologies have integrated Shopify with Odoo ERP for its clients. We have introduced the Shopify connector for Odoo which helps in connecting Odoo ERP with Shopify. This integration lets you import and export sales orders, products, and customers between Odoo and Shopify. It will further let you confirm the Shopify orders from Odoo itself

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Odoo QuickBooks Integration

For every organization, accounting management is one of the most complex processes. Therefore, companies choose the accounting solutions carefully and once they get used to the system and like it they do not want to change it. But this will not get into your way of using Odoo ERP, we can integrate the Odoo with Quickbooks. The Odoo QuickBooks integration helps companies use the Odoo ERP along with their QuickBooks software for accounting purposes. This integration provides added benefits to both systems and lets you track the accounting activities happening across all business functions. Integration Of QuickBooks to Odoo synchronizes the data between Odoo and QuickBooks.

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Odoo Social Media Integration

We all know, for the marketing and promotion of our business social media platforms play a very important role. Odoo social media integration lets you connect with a bigger customer base. This integration helps you convert your social media followers into your valuable customers. Odoo Social Media integration enables you to craft and optimize marketing campaigns that will further attract more customers. We have integrated Odoo with various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., it helps businesses to manage their leads and inquiries through social media platforms. Also, organizations can easily manage their campaigns and other promotional activities through this integration process.

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Odoo WooCommerce Integration

Odoo has a robust eCommerce platform that helps you run your online business. However, there are some clients who are using the other eCommerce platform before Odoo implementation and they need to continue it that way, then they need to integrate their eCommerce platform to Odoo ERP. O2b Technologies has done multiple Odoo eCommerce integrations and one of the most successful ones is Odoo WooCommerce integration. WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin of WordPress that is used for free to run the eCommerce website operations. Integration of Odoo with WooCommerce helps online business owners to run the backend operations supported by Odoo ERP.

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Odoo Twilio Integration

Sending text messages has always been the best tool for sharing information instantly. It is true that the influence of text messages has declined over years. But it is still used by so many businesses across the world to connect with the client and share the latest updates and notifications. Odoo ERP can be integrated with different SMS services and it can help organizations to send alerts as well as notifications to their clients in the most effective way. We are the best Odoo SMS integration service providers and have integrated Odoo ERP with Twilio SMS solutions. It helps you send text messages, WhatsApp messages, and MMS directly from the Odoo platform.


1Does Odoo support integration?

Yes, Odoo supports integration, and it seamlessly integrates all of their modules with each other to make the entire workflow smooth and flawless. Furthermore, it can be integrated with any third-party software. We are experts in integrating Odoo with any third-party application to enhance the functionality of Odoo, by using a rich API library and the web services.

2What are the steps involved in it?

There are the following phases of the integration process:

1. Analyze The Business Requirements

2. Feasibility Analysis

3. Designing and Development phase

4. Quality Testing

5. Deployment

3What apps can be integrated with Odoo?

Odoo can be integrated with Quickbooks, Magento, Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), payment gateways (PayPal, Payeezy, Stripe,, etc.), shipping (UPS, USPS< FedEx, DHL, and more), etc.

4Can we integrate lead generating websites with Odoo?

Yes, Odoo can be integrated with lead generating websites, such as LinkedIn Lead Gen, Mailchimp, etc.

5 Can we integrate a recruitment website and get the applications in Odoo?

Yes, it can be integrated with online recruitment portals and get the application in the Odoo software.

6 Who will integrate?

Official Odoo partners can help you with the integration. We are the best Odoo integration partners and have integrated a lot of apps for our clients.

7 How much time and cost is involved in integration?

Cost and time of the integration project directly proportional to the project requirements.