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The term "construction industry" refers to the commercial sector of manufacturing and trade that deals with creating, maintaining, and repairing infrastructures. O2b Technologies offers Odoo construction management software that helps to manage the construction business without any complexity with the most advanced technology.

Benefits of Odoo ERP for the Construction Industry

Every industry is investing in technology for its long-term growth. The construction industry is not far from this concept, they also need business software that accelerates the growth of their business and increases productivity.

ERP systems are developed exclusively for the requirements of construction enterprises. It covers the management of general contractors, subcontractors, financial management, construction accounting, payroll, and service operations in a centralized database.

O2b Technologies provides Odoo for construction companies, with an information management system and end-to-end process automation that is tailored to the requirements of large-scale infrastructure firms. The main technical development team of Odoo ERP develops this cutting-edge software solution.

O2b Technologies offers real-time data that enables you to decide on important business tasks intelligently and successfully. Odoo ERP infrastructure will bring cost optimization and process excellence through the real-time data pushed out.

You can simplify intricate business processes and maximise the use of your resources with the help of Odoo Construction Management Software designed specifically for the infrastructure industry. You always get a full image of your project due to the user-friendly interface of Odoo for the construction company.


Offered Modules

1. Project Management

Project management is a complex subject that requires addressing a variety of important issues, such as cost control, programming, approval, and risk assessment. Hence, the project module required project managers to communicate and work closely with every member of the team, including the architects, owners, and contractors. Construction projects come in a wide variety, and each one presents its own set of difficulties.


2. CRM

CRM is an integral part of ERP for the construction industry. It helps to keep everyone updated, share insights, and respond to inquiries. The manager also keeps track of the lead generation, lead deliveries to the team members and further updates on the assigned leads to the team and each of its members. With the CRM dashboard, the concerned person can have a clear view of each task and status.

3. Sales Management

Odoo sales module is the most versatile sales management module in the world for Construction ERP. You can easily manage and display significant sales data using the module's ability to process a large volume of sales data efficiently. With the sales module, you can run every single sales-related application.


4. Purchase Management

Construction purchase order software plays a vital role in handling all the material and equipment through effective management of quotations, purchase orders, and reports. For the goods or materials needed for the construction site, purchase orders can be simply created and managed. You can also generate various construction reports.

5. Material and Inventory Management

Planning for material and inventory manually is a time-consuming and tedious process. It also increases the chances of errors in inventory management. Odoo for construction company enables proper management of materials and reduces costs.

  • easy sourcing,
  • planning, purchasing, and
  • monitoring of raw materials in the stock.

6. Accounting Management

The construction industry requires a huge amount of materials and various equipment. Hence, Odoo Construction Management Software facilitates controlling project expenses, costs, and cash flow.

With this in mind, the integration of the accounting module with Odoo construction management allows tracking of all types of expenses and invoicing that gives an accurate report of all the expenses.

Case Studies

A US based Engineering & Construction Company

Canada-based residential and commercial Construction company

United Kingdom based building consultancy

How O2b Technologies will help Construction Industry?

O2b Technologies is a certified Odoo partner with recognized version badges. They have an expert team having years of experience and in-depth knowledge of Odoo and its services like Odoo implementation, development, customization, integration, consultation, migration, training, support and maintenance.

This expert team includes:

  • 1. Odoo Consultant
  • 2. Project Managers
  • 3. Teams Leads
  • 4. Business Analyst
  • 5. Quality Analyst
  • 6. Odoo Developers
    • Frontend Developer
    • Backend Developer
    • Full-stack Developer
    • Mobile Developer

O2b Technologies have its branch and partner offices around the world. It offers Odoo services in countries like USA, UK, Australia, India and UAE. With 24x7 support service, the user can easily connect to O2b’s Odoo experts with ease.

O2b Technologies is the best choice for Odoo ERP for the construction industry.


We are SMBs, do we need such an ERP solution?

This solution is for every size and every type of business.

Can we add more functionalities to this software in the future?

Yes, since the system is fully customizable, therefore, you can add or remove any feature based on your requirements anytime.

What is the maximum number of users who can log in to the system at the same time?

Our system is capable of supporting a limitless number of users (based on the server capacity).

What are the different kinds of alert features available in your ERP software?

We understand customer requirements; hence O2b offers alert services such as SMS, email notifications, and a mobile app to keep users informed about their various projects.

What is the cost and time incurred in implementation?

Depends on your company size, business type , number of users, and other requirements.

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