Odoo Point of Sale

Odoo POS is a Compatible ERP Solution

Odoo online POS application has a very simple and user friendly interface. The user need not have any specific installation and hardware requirement to access the system.

This Point of Sale software solution by which clients can perform and register everyday sales transactions and other related operations online. Odoo presents an extremely furnished Point of Sale module that helps you to easily complete all your business operations. Similar to any other Odoo ERP module, Odoo POS is fully integrated with other modules like Accounting, Inventory, etc., and gives you the access to perform online as well as offline operations.

The user can use this application on any device whether it is portable or not, such as steady desktops as well as on iPads, Android tablets, or laptops. To meet your business requirements, you can easily configure Odoo Point of Sale as it is super flexible in nature. It is based on a smart interface that can be used by any retail business for boosting their business growth.

O2b Technologies provide the Odoo POS with their certified expert team members. O2b provides you with any time support opportunities get from the well trained functional team.

Features of Odoo Point of Sale

O2b technologies made the possibility of Odoo POS tablet very easy and simple. Let’s know further about the features of Odoo Point of Sale


1. Payments

  • Payment Methods: Cash, checks, and credit card payment methods are available. New types of payment methods can be added as well.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: All electronic payments are handled by external payment terminals.
  • Offline Payments Orders made offline are automatically synchronized when you are reconnected.

2. Checkout

  • Prices & Discounts: Set customer prices or offer percentage-based discounts on either a single product or the entire order.
  • Parallel Orders: Put orders aside and process multiple orders at the same time.
  • Weighting at the Counter: Calculate product weight during checkout with the electronic scale integration.

3. Store Management

  • Order History: View all past orders as well as search by customer, product, cashier, or date.
  • Daily Sales: Keep track of daily sales and totals for every payment type.
  • Cashier Accounts:Manage multiple cashier accounts and secure them with badges or pin codes.

4. Customer & Loyalty

  • Register & Identify Customers: Identify your customers by simply registering their email and contact address, allowing you to offer discounts and keep track of individual sales. Look up your customers with the built-in search feature or identify them with a barcode printed on their loyalty card.
  • Business Customer: Register your customer's VAT number and apply them to invoices.
  • Loyalty Card: Reward your customers with loyalty points and exchange them for gifts or discounts. Points can be earned by product, by order, or by sale amount.

5. Restaurant Management

  • Floor Plans: Assign orders to tables and receive an overview of your restaurant's floors as well as make changes on the go with the graphical editor. Also, Manage to seat Keep track of your guests with an overview of your restaurant's capacity and table availability.
  • Delayed Order:Take orders for different courses of the meal at once with the ability to send them to the kitchen printer at separate times.
  • Split Bills: Let customers pay separately or at different times by splitting orders.

6. Products

  • Product Categories: Organize your products with hierarchical product categories. Order them by popularity and display different categories in different points of sales.
  • Product Search: Quickly find products by their name, barcode, or description with the built-in search function.
  • Units of Measure: Sell your products with custom or preset units of measure and update your stock accordingly.

7. Web Application

  • Browser Support: Odoo POS is a web-based application and can be deployed on any device and OS running Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS are all supported operating systems.
  • iPad First: Odoo POS is best used on a recent iPad or Android Tablet of comparable size and performance.
  • HTML5 Mods: Odoo POS is Open-Source and can be customized with HTML5/JS extension modules.

Very Well Explained Odoo Point of Sale Dashboard

Odoo point of sale module is smoothly integrated with the remaining modules of Odoo. It will help the user to use the complete retail sales management system.

  • Run multiple sessions at an instance
  • Cash counter management
  • Cashier login
  • Barcode scanners
  • Virtual keyboards
  • Loyalty programs
  • Integrated payment terminals
  • Accept cash and card payments
  • Integrated sales management module
  • Direct invoicing


1What are the basic requirements for Odoo POS implementation?

Internet connectivity with working hardware like mobile, tablets, PC, laptops and industrial POS machines.

2Does Odoo Point of Sale support working offline as well?

Yes. It does.

3Can Odoo Point of Sale be used on any device?

Odoo POS can also be used on standard computers and tablets as well as industrial touch screen terminals.

4 Can we use printers and scanners with Odoo POS?

Yes, you can. Odoo features into supporting barcode scanners and printers which means it doesn't require any setup. Also, you can use scales, cashboxes, etc. with the proxy API.