Odoo for SMEs

Why Odoo is Better?

Often SMEs will find they have a software need but are unable to implement one given the high level of overhead and complexity of the task. For growing companies, it is much more optimal to start small in a software solution and add new features step by step as the business expands and evolves.

Odoo ERP software is one of the best integrated and automated systems which can manage all the business processes and functions in a single place. Also, it offers a range of business applications that helps in enterprise management. It can be seen that the Odoo solution is an ideal ERP software for SMEs as well as large enterprises. You do not have to worry about any business function, all can be managed through the implementation of Odoo ERP, like inventory, human resource, sales, CRM, manufacturing, purchase, supply chain, accounting, etc.

O2b Technologies provides the Odoo ERP to generate maximum ROI with the investments done by the SME business holders. Their certified experts give the best services from development to implementation to post development guidance as well in case, needed.

Odoo is the best for SMEs because

  • 1. Cost Effective: Considering the limited budgets of SMEs, Odoo is the best ERP solution for them. It does not need heavy investments like other ERP solutions.
  • 2. 360 Degree Approach: Odoo controls the business from every aspect. It creates transparency among the department & eases communications.
  • 3. Smooth Integration: Odoo helps bring all the departments together by its integration process.
  • 4. Implementation and Customization: Odoo implementation for SMEs creates an efficient and effective workflow. Odoo provides numerous customization options.
  • 5. Scalable: Highly scalable yet stable ERP software that can be a perfect fit for SMEs.
  • 6. Flexibility: Compared to other ERP solutions, Odoo has come up with industry specific modules and gives a lot of flexibility to users to customize the solution according to their requirements.
  • 7. Workflow Management: Effortlessly manage the complete workflow of your business from purchasing and production to inventory and delivery.
  • 8. Third Party Connection: You can connect your business to numerous other third party channels to make the processes such as order management and shipping simple.
  • 9. Mobile Friendly: Odoo also has a mobile app module thus you can create your very own company specific mobile ERP App.
  • 10. Updates: The company rolls out frequent updates which will ensure that your ERP solution is updated to the most recent version available online.

You can host this solution anywhere, whether on your organization's private network or stand-alone web server, as well as on a cloud server. Odoo ERP solution can be accessed anytime from anywhere even on your mobile phone/tab.

In short, it's a user friendly and one stop destination platform for SMEs like wholesalers/, distributors, manufacturers, eCommerce, and sellers.

Odoo for SMEs with O2b

O2b Technologies is a certified and dedicated Odoo partner in the Silver and Ready category. They are providing Odoo ERP services and solutions all over the world. O2b has an expert functional team that carries in depth knowledge of all the Odoo modules.

These experts have years of experience in developing, integrating, implementing, and customizing Odoo ERP. Through Odoo consultancy services, O2b experts provide the best possible suggestions to SMEs.

O2b Technologies provides Odoo services and solutions in countries like India, USA, Australia, and UAE. They have their partner and branch offices in these regions to provide consistent support to their clients via tool management, chats, emails, and calls. Here, the end user can directly communicate with the experts like the developers.


1Who is an SME?

If you have business in small and medium size then you are an SME.

2Can I use one module in Odoo?

Yes, you can. Later you can add more modules.

3Can I hire your services at hourly rates?

Yes, You can.

43 challenges that Odoo can solve for SMEs?

Centralized data, follow-up and money management.

5Can Odoo solve my problem of resource management?

Yes, with Odoo you can use the HR module to manage all your resources.