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Odoo ERP - The Simplest Solution for The Complex Business Problems

Odoo Australia

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the one-stop software solution that makes the daily business operations easy and aligned.

Odoo ERP helps you merge all the departments like accounting, sales, marketing, supply chain management, manufacturing, human resource, and others together at a single platform.

O2b Technologies is the top Odoo ERP partner in Australia and in other countries like India, the USA, UAE, etc. Odoo ERP solution makes the day-to-day work operations smoother and more efficient by keeping aside all the errors that come during manual interventions.

Get the Finest Implementing and Delivery Experience with Us:

O2b Technologies carries the vision of maximum customer satisfaction with on-time delivery. We work on the core values of understanding the customer requirements and delivering them the most suitable solution possible out there.

Our team of experts carries years of experience in serving the clients with the best Odoo ERP solution by understanding the factors like the client’s business nature, future plans, industry, problems faced, and budget limitations which ultimately help in accelerating the business growth.

Even after implementation, you will get consistent support from O2b Technologies’ certified expert team in the case, of any further assistance like resolving technical issues, fixing bugs, user interface difficulties, or any other is required.

Odoo Australia

A Modern Solution for the Modern Businesses Problems

Odoo Australia

An ERP solution is the backbone of any business. It automates the all-day running business operations with innovation and intelligence without human interventions.

Odoo ERP Australia facilitates your organizations with:

  • customized solutions that cater to your business requirements.
  • helping the resources perform efficiently and effectively.
  • understanding your business from its core and guiding the clients accordingly.
  • providing you with the most reliable solution that can be updated anytime in the future with more specifications and modules whenever required.
  • 100% commitment to adaptability, integration, and effortless implementation of the system.
  • managing to resolve daily business challenges like communication gap, data fetching, generating reports, tracking and getting updates for the business operations, and more.

O2b Technologies is the certified Odoo partner serving the various regions of the globe like India, USA, Australia, and more.

We support you from understanding your requirement till implementing the solution and afterward, in case you need any support in operating the solution.


We serve you with a certified team of experts to match your business needs in the most constructively way. By taking advantage of our consulting service, you can ensure a life-changing difference in your business growth. Our team of trained Odoo developers and Odoo consultants works with the vision of upgrading your business operations easier and simpler.

Odoo Australia

    Our Expert Team Includes:

  • Odoo Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Teams Leads
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • Odoo Developers
    • Frontend Developer
    • Backend Developer
    • Full-stack Developer
    • Mobile Developer

Our Offerings

  Understanding Requirements

Our certified Odoo ERP Australia experts will first get clarity over your requirements and then, move ahead further.

  Gap Analysis

Our trained Odoo professionals rapidly scan and understand your business requirements. And based upon their inputs, they will provide the most preferable solution for your business.

  Odoo Development

Experienced developers can develop apps and websites matching your requirements. They will take care of all the technical and functional aspects of Odoo that help in boosting the business growth and will fix the operational gaps.

  Odoo Customization

Our experienced customization team carries the potential of customizing Odoo solutions focusing on your specific requirements. We understand that every industry has its certain demands and customization is the best solution to them.

  Odoo Implementation

Under the direction of our experienced functional team, we promise you the best ever execution and implementation experience. Aiming for your ultimate objective, our team implements the solution very effectively and efficiently.

Quality Analyst

To maintain the set standards, our quality analyst team will check and assure the quality of the implemented Odoo ERP Australia system. They will upgrade the quality further in case, needed.

Odoo Consultancy

Our Odoo consultancy team helps you in mapping your business requirements with expertise-oriented consulting and managing workflow accordingly. They guide you and provide worthy suggestions based upon your business needs.

Odoo Integration

O2b Technologies have come across numerous integrations with third-party applications for our clients. This process helps the client reach the best of both systems and improve the overall business efficiency by aligning the business operations together.

Odoo Upgradation

If you are thinking of upgrading your existing Odoo ERP version, we are happy to help you. We offer you the Odoo migration services which help you to switch from Odoo's older version to the latest one.

Odoo Support

We provide you with the trouble-free working of Odoo ERP and are available for24x7 assistance by the project management tool where you can raise your queries and doubts and directly, connect with our expert team to get your case resolved quickly.

Make the Most of Odoo ERP Solution with O2b Technologies

Odoo ERP Australia brings the best ERP solution with the complete commitment to successful implementation and seamless business operations.

Streamlined Business Processes

Odoo ERP solution helps you streamline your business processes by removing delays, errors, and other day-to-day challenges which you face while running regular business operations.

Accurate Information

By fetching the data for all the involved activities, Odoo ERP Solution brings accurate information to the table of each one of the managers from every department which helps to avoid the communication gap amongst them.

Increased Efficiency

Odoo ERP solution is an automated platform that helps in clear communications, decreased errors, shortening interruptions which ultimately results in increased efficiency.

Improved Collaborations

Through open and transparent communication, better integration between departments, correct implementations Odoo ERP helps in improving the collaborations.

Better Quality Control

Odoo ERP provides better control over the quality by being the automated quality check for all incoming and outgoing materials which helps in maintaining the set-up standards.


1.Where is O2b Technologies based out of?

The technical and customization team of O2b Technologies is based out of New Delhi, India. However, we do have partners and sales offices in USA, Australia etc.

2. How can I save my cost

By implementing Odoo ERP from a certified partner you will be able to save your cost.

3Where is Odoo headquarter located?

Odoo is headquartered at Chaussée de Namur, Belgium.

4Do you provide online services?

Yes, we do provide online services like Odoo customization, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Integration, and others. We do support our clients remotely.

5What is the benefit of having O2b as your implementation partner?

O2b Technologies is a certified Odoo partner with having a team of skilled experts carrying years of experience in serving clients with ERP solutions based upon their requirements.

We are a certified Odoo Silver Partner with V13 and V14 badges. You may check a few of our listed clients here:

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