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Meet the Odoo Expert

Odoo experts specialize in providing all the Odoo services and solutions. To face and resolve the challenges of the Odoo platform, Odoo has these experts' teams You can also hire Odoo developer to get their assistance in overall business process. They have unique functional and technical knowledge so that they can share the best possible suggestions for their clients.

These Odoo experts help their clients in mapping their business operations and improving their functionalities. These Odoo developers help them understand the best possible way to organize the running processes or to re-organize them to get maximum productivity.

O2b Technologies provides you the developer with advanced and deep knowledge of the platform and the businesses they are providing services to.

O2b Technologies help their clients with valuable feedback regarding the improvements and changes that can be made for better business operations.

Role of An Odoo Expert

An Odoo expert carries the potential to mold the business's direction with his expertise. Hence, they played a significant role in boosting business growth.

O2b Technologies helps you reach these certified and trained Odoo experts who will find a suitable match for your business operations.

  • Looks for the Best: Taking the Odoo ERP along, Odoo developer finds and gets the best solution on the table for their clients.
  • Nurture the Opportunities: Odoo developer analyze the existing opportunities and help you to nurture them by providing valuable inputs and suggests changes and upgradations in case needed.
  • Focuses on the Ultimate Requirements: With their years of experience, an Odoo expert focuses on the ultimate requirements and makes sure the successful implementation of those requirements is on time and without errors.
  • Gets the Process Completed Smoothly: From suggesting the best solution or developing the best in case of customization option till its implementation, the Odoo expert ensures a smooth and effortless workflow.
  • Converts Complex Business Operations:The Odoo expert plays the role of converting complex business operations into easier ones with the help of Odoo developers, Odoo consultants, and Odoo trainers.

How do the Odoo Experts support their Clients?

There is an aligned certified team of Odoo experts who guarantees the successful delivery of solutions.

This expert team includes:

  • Odoo Consultant
  • Odoo Project Manager
  • Odoo Teams Leads
  • Odoo Business Analyst
  • Odoo Quality Analyst
  • Odoo Developers
    • Odoo Frontend Developer
    • Odoo Backend Developer
    • Odoo Full-stack Developer
    • Odoo Mobile Developer

The Odoo expert team will help you in Odoo customization, Odoo Implementation, Odoo Integration, Odoo Support, Odoo Training, and Odoo Consultation as well. Odoo ERP has various modules like Odoo Sales, Odoo Inventory, Odoo Manufacturing, etc. Hence you can hire Odoo developer as well as hire Odoo expert to get the best of the solution possible for your overall business operations.

Odoo Implementation Process Experts Follow

Getting requirements

After the client selects an Odoo implementation partner, this is the first phase of Odoo ERP implementation. Understanding requirements, gathering requirements, and documenting requirements are the three main components of this step. It is a phase where the client's team meets Odoo experts and starts the process of gathering business requirements, to put it another way. Additionally, they assess if the requirements can be satisfied by only customizing the system or whether bespoke development is necessary. Odoo experts also consider the viability of requirements during this process. They also create a thorough document outlining the client's expectations.

Requirement Analysis
Configuration and Installation

Project Management

Planning the implementation project's direction is the main focus of this phase by the Odoo developer. Simply put, the Odoo ERP of that has been built by hire Odoo developer, hire Odoo experts, Odoo consultants and more plans how the pre-developed roadmap will be executed during this phase, as well as how they will successfully implement Odoo ERP. Additionally, the team of Odoo consultants uses this stage to clarify the requirements documentation and help the Odoo developer team understand what has to be developed. Additionally, the client's team is constantly kept in touch with by the partner's experienced Odoo team to provide them with more information about the project's feasibility.

Installation and Configuration

The installation of Odoo ERP and the configuration of the system to the client's business processes are the two most crucial steps in the Odoo implementation process. The technical team begins the installation and configuration procedure as soon as the analysts or Odoo ERP consultants have completed gathering requirements and producing the document, as was already described. They guarantee that the system is implemented properly and satisfies the client's operational requirements. All things considered, our flexible strategy not only allows us to accomplish more in less time, but it also provides the clients with a greater level of value.

Customization and Development
Data Migration

Odoo Development and Customization

One of the most important phases of the installation process is the development of the Odoo ERP solution. The Odoo developer team puts the entire implementation strategy into action during this phase by creating and customizing the software to meet the needs of the client. Additionally, if the customer requires Odoo customized for their software needs, skilled Odoo developers can do it following the workflow and business requirements. This phase of Odoo developer covers a wide range of activities, such as interface and dashboard design, access rights administration, report creation, etc.

Data Migration

It is a stage that involves moving the client's previous system's data to Odoo ERP. The team moves forward with the data migration after the system has been installed, configured, and developed. The development team starts the migration process when the business analyst completes the data mapping. Data migration is carried out using XML/CSV files. The amount of the data or the number of records a business has in its system completely determines how long the migration will take. Customers, suppliers, sales orders, vendor invoices, workers, and so forth are examples of business data.

Go Live

Quality Testing

When the development team has finished and deployed the solution to their stage branch. The system is now being tested by the quality analyst team to see if it complies with the client's business requirements. Additionally, they look for any technical mistakes committed by the development team. Additionally, they communicate the problems to the development team, who then resolves them. The QA team then gives the go-ahead to deploy the system on the client's server when the process is completed and all issues have been resolved.

Live Deployment

Once the business analyst team and quality team have given their approval for the solution to be deployed on the client's live Odoo instance. To prevent any form of error, the development team takes all necessary safeguards before deploying the system to live instances. The client will be able to utilize the system once the Odoo solution is operational. Additionally, the Odoo experts start creating or customizing the system whenever the client evaluates the system and requests some adjustments once more.

Training and Support
Go Live

User Training

The consulates will now move forward and provide training to the users who will really utilize the system once the implementation process is finished, or we can say that the system is deployed on the live instance. As an example, suppose the client has three teams: sales, purchasing, and accounting. Then, the Odoo trainers will instruct them on how to use the accounting, sales, and procurement modules. Staff personnel must be trained in order to avoid the usage issue. In other words, the best approach for a company to use Odoo to its fullest potential is to train its staff.

Support and Maintenance

Choose OdooExpress as your Odoo implementation partner to receive robust support and maintenance services. They will offer technical and functional support around-the-clock. Additionally, they will work quickly to fix all of your difficulties. Get the top-notch server maintenance and Odoo software by hiring Odoo expert. To ensure that our customers have a hassle-free experience using the system, we offer round-the-clock support. You can get regular functional and technical support, periodic Odoo upgrades, and help for new developments and customisation requests when you purchase the Odoo support pack.

Training and Support

Work with Odoo Expert

You can hire Odoo expert from O2b Technologies. These certified Odoo experts provide all the required support for Odoo applications and modules. From the initial stage of suggesting a solution till, after implementation, the Odoo expert will match your every step and support you at every phase.


1.What is the cost involved with Odoo expert?

The cost of an Odoo expert depends on the modules and the services taken from him.

2.How can I identify and choose the best Odoo expert?

An Odoo expert is a certified experienced professional with carrying years of experience in matching business needs.

O2b Technologies provides you with the best Odoo expert.

3How does O2b Technologies provide an Odoo expert better when Odoo is there?

Yes. O2b Technologies’ Odoo experts support their clients virtually as well.