Odoo / OpenERP

What is Odoo / OpenERP?

Odoo (previously called OpenERP) is a comprehensive suite of business applications including Sales, CRM, Project management, Warehouse management, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Financial management, Human Resources, and many more and getting used all over the world.

Belgium-based Odoo was founded by Fabien Pinckaers in 2005, an open-source ERP application that quickly gained traction, especially in Europe. Over the past few years, Odoo has expanded into many more areas of the enterprise application landscape.

According to Fabien Pinckaers, the company’s CEO, Odoo is used by large companies, small businesses, associations, and various other types of organizations to help them manage, automate, measure, and optimize their operations, finances, and projects. With content management, eCommerce, and business intelligence (BI) gaining prominence, the ERP moniker was no longer broad enough.

“Integrating your sales floor with inventory, accounting, and manufacturing plant is one thing, but we think modern companies deserve more than this,” said Pinckaers.

Odoo ERP has more than 3,000+ apps and it has the functionality of out-of-the-box integration. To explain, Odoo ERP can integrate with eCommerce, sales, POS, CRM, project management, timesheets, financial accounting management, etc.

Key Features of Odoo ERP

1. Comprehensive:

Odoo offers over 1000 modules that can be deployed easily to meet your business needs. Odoo / OpenERP is actively being developed and supported by the community. It is really important to find the appropriate and perfect ERP for your business that has all the required functionalities. Analysis of all the business processes of an organization is the firstmost step for any ERP software implementation.

O2b Technologies can help with gap analyzing and provides consultancy about how well Odoo functionalities match your requirements.

2. Modular:

    Odoo is highly modular. You can start using Odoo by implementing a few modules and then, can add more later based on your business need.

    The end user can add or remove the modules in the system based on their business requirements. These modules like accounting, supply chain management, CRM, inventory management, etc. can be upgraded as well if required in the future.

3. Updated Technology:

Odoo is based on a modern technology stack. Because of its customization service, Odoo can be developed according to the changing requirements and can easily adapt to technological advancement.

Odoo keeps coming with its new version every year to move aside with the technology and keeps its users’ business flow smooth with the latest technological advancements. Odoo helps its customers to transform their business into a technological friendly business.

4. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

With no license fees, you can spend your budget on Odoo implementation and Odoo customization, if needed. Odoo provides Odoo migration services at affordable charges to its clients.

Odoo brings a highly automated and integrated platform for seamless and simpler business operations and transparent interdepartmental communication at very cost effective prices.

5. Customizable:

Odoo is a very simple and highly flexible platform. Today's business world has high competition and is dynamic, keeping this in mind Odoo enables companies to innovate with time and make their business workflow seamless and easy.

The users can customize their Open ERP solutions considering their ultimate business goals and get the best possible solutions to match their business requirements with the help of O2b experts.

6. No Lock-in

Odoo is an easy download software to try and use.

O2b Technologies offers Odoo services to clients at affordable pricing focusing on the business requirements.

  • Odoo Implementation
  • Odoo Consultation
  • Odoo Customization
  • Odoo Support
  • Odoo Migration
  • Odoo Integration
  • Odoo Smart Apps development

Benefits of Odoo / OpenERP

Odoo is an open-source ERP platform that can be initially used free of charge. Important benefits include the following:

  • Customization : Odoo can be customized based upon the client's needs
  • Flexible : The client can add any new feature based on the business demands.
  • Ready to use applications : Odoo has 14000+ apps that can be accessed from the Odoo app store.
  • 24x7 Support : Odoo provides 24x7 support to its end users via chat, tool management, email, and calls.
  • Easy to use : Odoo is having user friendly interface. After proper training, Odoo becomes handy for its users.
  • Lesser Cost : The development and implementation cost of Odoo is comparatively lesser than other ERP solution providers.
  • Lesser Time : As Odoo has a dedicated team of experts hence, it will take lesser time to develop and implement.
  • Fully Integrated : Odoo cis highly integrated solution that brings transparency with its own or any other third-party service providers like SMS, Social media, shopping sites, etc

Why O2b for Odoo?

O2b Technologies is the certified Odoo partner serving its clients globally with an expert team of developers and service providers.

O2b has its branch and partner offices all over the world in regions like India, USA, UAE, and Australia.

O2b professionals are carrying years of experience and are dedicated to match the business requirements of each of their clients by providing 24x7 support.

Our Expert Team Includes:

  • 1 . Odoo Consultant
  • 2 . Project Manager
  • 3 . Teams Leads
  • 4 . Business Analyst
  • 5 . Quality Analyst
  • 6 .Odoo Developers
    • A . Frontend Developer
    • B . Backend Developer
    • C . Full-stack Developer
    • D . Mobile Developer


1What is the cost incurred Odoo?

The cost depends on the chosen module with its feature and functionalities.

2What is the time included for Odoo implementation?

It depends on the number of features and functionalities clients need in the solution.

3How Odoo is better than its competitors?

Odoo keeps on updating its versions to match with the latest technology which helps to smoothen the business operations by involving the current technology.

Odoo is a fully automated, integrated, and customizable platform that brings all the departments together and has specific solutions for specific needs. Apart from Odoo, Odoo has its proud partners like O2b Technologies who ensure the service quality and supports clients matching their business needs.

Apart from Odoo, Odoo has its proud partners like O2b Technologies who ensure the service quality and supports clients matching their business needs.